About company


AIMAT is always striving to maintain the highest quality products based on creative thinking and innovative process improvement. Breathe with our customers, ensure the reliability of our products and technologies, listen to our customers’ requirements, We will make high-value-added products based on our accumulated know-how and accumulated research and development efforts to become a win-win AIMAT.

Company motto and vision

Mission: “Leading to the highest quality based on creation and innovation”

Vision: Brand GLOBAL Jiangsu Enterprise with communication and convergence


Financial perspective: balance of profitability and stability Performance management system

Customer Perspective: One Stop Service Quality of Customer Satisfaction

Process Perspective: Dedicated professional history by function, modularization function

Learning and Growth Perspective: Building and Utilizing Knowledge Management System Introduction of New Technology Benchmarking of Advanced Institutions

Creative thinking! Innovative process!

Introduction to products

  • AE(Aimat Embo)
  • AT(Aimat Transparent)
  • AI(Aimat Ivory White)
  • AOP(Aimat Optical Protect)
  • AW(Aimat White/Black)
  • AC(Aimat Color)
  • AR(Aimat Resistance)

Features and Uses

Our protective film utilizes gravure coating equipment,
produced by applying acrylic adhesive to polyethylene film.
It used to prevent surface damage, wear, contamination and corrosion during transport, storage and processing of your products.
– Base and adhesive can be changed.

Company history

  • 2012



    Established Aimat Co., Ltd.

    ISO9001 (quality), 14001 (environment) certification

    Factory registered CLEAN plant

    Venture Business Certification

  • 2013


    Agreement with Dongshin University on technology information exchange

    Nambu University Industry-University Cooperation Agreement

    Deco Sheet Protective Film Development (Structural Improvement Project)

    Development of ultra-low-level liquid crystal protective films for mobile phones with heat resistance and antistatic properties (Structural upgrading business)

    Surface treatment product automatic cutting machine (structural upgrading business)

    Development of protective film for PCM steel sheet with low surface tension (structural upgrading project)



  • 2014년



    Registration of program registration certificate (2)

    Copyright registration (1)

    Moved headquarters, own factory

    Korea Institute of Industrial Technology

  • 2015년


    Work standardization of adhesive compounding process to reduce defective rate of protective film manufacturing process (Joint development of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)

    Recertification of venture business

    Certified as a technologically innovative small and medium enterprise (INNO-BIZ)

    Two patents (10-1034996, 10-0617476)

    Recognized as a department dedicated to research and development



  • 2016년



    China (Tenjin) branch office project

    UAE (Dubai) branch office project

    Domestic Export Enterpriseization Project

    Selected as an overseas buyer discovery business (Small and Medium Business Administration)

    Developed new technology and secured additional business items (Protective film for medical use)

  • 2017년


    Development of medical packaging antimicrobial film and packaging equipment

    High Growth Export Capability Strengthening Project

    Production of antimicrobial film



  • 2018년



    Re-certification of INNO-BIZ

    Selected as PRE luxury Jiangsu enterprise

    University-Industry-Academy Collaborative College (LINC +) Fostering Project

Organization chart


AIMAT |  62413 147, Pyeongdong-ro 803beon-gil, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju
Phone: +82-62-941-0120 | Fax: +82-62-941-0121 | Email: adcator@naver.com