Research and Development

We are continuously researching and developing products to improve performance and maintain the best performance compared to other companies.

Equipment Status

We have the latest equipment and satisfy customer’s satisfaction and quality.

Manufacturing process

We have a systematic manufacturing process for minimum defect rate and top quality.


We are specialized in protective film and tape.
We provide the best quality.

AE Embo

Dots (embossed) on the surface of the film to coat the product 10~20gf

AT Transparent

Various adhesive strength with transparent film, 10~750gf.

AI Ivory White

Protect product from discoloration and surface from ultraviolet rays 100~400gf

AB Blue

Surface protection for general products such as sheet metal products and packaging. 300~400gf

AOP Optical Adhesive Film

Excellent functional film for protection of optical materials for low surface wear. 300~400gf

AW White/Black

Protects the surface of the product from the harsh environment (ultraviolet rays, acid rain, salt, etc.). 300~400gf

AC Color film

Various kinds of color (lacquer, orange, etc.) of base material realize product with degree of cohesion. 300~400gf

AR Heat-resistant film

The film can withstand heat and has excellent adhesion with adhesive agent.. 300~400gf

Aimat film offers the highest quality.

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